Colorado Wedding Photography – Guide to Photo Ready Skin


Denver Photographer’s Guide to Flawless, Photo Ready Skin to Compliment Your Wedding Photography

As a makeup artist, stylist, and Colorado wedding photographer, I know how busy and overwhelming the planning process can be for your wedding. Often times, people search the internet for check lists on preparing for a flawless event and seek out makeup services as a “cover up” solution for the day of. Though we forget, our blemishes still exist below the surface; and as we may feel more secure by calling in the pros for the big day, what you feel about your skin may reflect in your facial expressions and behavior more than you know. Professional makeup is an amazing way to feel confident in your style and provide an outside opinion for beautiful color pallets- but let’s face it. Day of appointments are not designed to create texture improvements in a single application.

We see these moments as personal photobombs. Sure the photo is beautifully color balanced and your dress is everything you dreamed of, but you make subtle movements to hide the stress breakout across your forehead… in nearly every photo. Now, in every image you have that unnatural hand across your forehead as if your bangs needed a bobby pin. Subtle bang sweep again? Just as casual as the duck face that replaced lip plumper. Let’s eliminate one less stress because these photos can be just as apparent as your closed mouth-teenage-brace face half smile. Not natural.

It’s time to not just look your best, but FEEL your best so your smile is just as vibrant in your photos throughout the day as your makeup fades on the dance floor. Trust me you won’t regret it!

Be proactive with your planning. You vigorously organize your venue and service details for the day because that game plan makes everything effortless and enjoyable. Your skin care should have the same delicate planning to protect your largest investment, YOUR Colorado wedding photography – YOUR PHOTOS. Every plan can be customized for time constraints, but the more time you have, the more predictable your complexion will be the day of your wedding.


– Set realistic goals for your budget and timeline.

– Research detox plans and eliminate toxins in your diet that cause inflammation and affect acne prone or sensitive skin.

-Reconnect with your long lost dermatologist if you have any medical questions surrounding past issues with skin care and review your plan with your doctor. Be sure to discuss your skin type in advance, as well as any medications or past issues.

This is where you can decide if you have to correct, enhance, or maintain.

Correct: Is it time to relax the inflammation in your face and calm your stress breakouts, slow the hormonal rollercoaster for acne prone skin, battle seasonal dryness, and eliminate dark spots, fine lines, etc. Wine can do many amazing things, but for these moments, we need professional treatments.

Enhance: Brave enough to ask those daring questions about advanced skincare? Ask your doctor if advanced chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and injectables are in your future to create the flawless finish you desire. Contact our preferred BOTOX specialist Rena Mollner at Mollner Dentistry for a consultation.

Maintain: Now, we are talking every day skincare that maintains your needs as the seasons change. Selecting a generic soap to combat a specific issue is like putting enormous truck tires on a sports car. Sure it’s a tire- cars need tires- but you’re wasting money that should go toward what you ACTUALLY NEED on a product ACTUALLY WORKS. Customize your formulated cleansers, toners, moisturizers and exfoliation systems. Add an at home weekly or bi weekly moisturizing body treatment for that healthy glow. As summer approaches, keep up with our at home DIY face and body treatments to save while maintaining your skincare program.

ALWAYS! Increase your water intake to flush your system and promote overall health and wellness for your skin and body.


-Time to tackle the schedule and plan your monthly microderms or peels if you want major results.

-Begin planning for Hair Removal Services. Book consultations with a waxing studio or laser hair removal site to achieve the results you desire.


-QUIT touching your face! The more you touch, pick, and irritate your skin, you risk worsening your condition and may even deposit unhealthy residue from your hands onto your pretty face. Yuck!


-Allergic to everything? Contact your makeup artist and go over your history with product sensitivity. Book a consultation and discuss options for allergy testing for base foundation products, false eyelash adhesives, or other cosmetics that you fear may react with your skin. It is uncommon for cosmetics to cause a reaction; however, if this is a major concern, you have the time to clear the reaction site and make another game plan (or consult a doctor for advice if necessary.)

-HOLY BOTOX! If you are new to Botox Cosmetic and are interested in the benefits of cosmetic injectables, know that it takes a week for the product to set in (and show visible results) and lasts up to 3 months. To decide if the product is right for you, talk to a doctor now. The product will be gone before your event and you can adjust your units (dosage) to fit your needs for the big day.

-CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINE AND MAKE SLEEP A PRIORITY. This will help decrease stress and allow your skin to rest and heal over night.

Colorado Wedding Makeup


-CONSIDER your tanning patterns and time of year for the wedding. That dark, halter swimsuit tan line cannot be saved by Photoshop or a prayer so know that if you have excessive sun exposure in this timeline, it takes one day to solidify that farmers tan outline and up to two months to get that unsightly, racer back print off your shoulders. Think about investing in a tube top bikini.

-Continue your at home system for every day care and evaluate its effectiveness with the time of year and weather changes. Adjust if necessary- sometimes adding a heavier night cream in the dry season makes a huge difference and USE SUNSCREEN ALWAYS!

-2 months out- time to slow down with chemical peels and heavy treatments and enjoy the lighter, more refreshing skin care options created for relaxation and moisture.

-TRIAL TIME! If you have a solid idea on makeup, book a trial! If you need a few appointments to decide on the perfect look, begin booking 2-3 months out. By now, you are close enough to the event that your hair and skin goals are on point so you have a realistic idea of how you will look the day of!

-END your heavy exfoliation rituals and use more buffered tools to polish your skin (non-aggressive shower loofah for the body and light, exfoliating cleansers for the face- no harsh scrubs). Review your options for MAINTAINING your skin rather than correcting.

-Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and get plenty of rest.

-Keep up with or introduce rejuvenating eye crèmes or night time moisture masks.


-FINAL HAIR REMOVAL SERVICES! Do not wait till last minute to avoid redness and blotchy skin

-Continue Maintenance Plan


SLEEP! MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL RESTED. Vitamin C and Caffeine serums help brighten your skin and under eyes.

-Last minute tightening/ toning can be achieved through detoxifying body wraps. You only lose water weight, but it helps with that last minute confidence boost for all of us who release stress though raging on Oreos.

– Take care of those pretty little feet and enjoy a relaxing manicure and/or massage!

It’s time for the big day, gorgeous!

As an artist and event specialist, I’ve developed my preferred esthetician list based on personal experience and consistent results. As you can relate, it is important that I invest in those who have invested in their craft.

For the best of the best in spa services, Contact Oxana Hull:

For my at home care and maintenance plan, I trust my skin to Arbonne Professionals –

Suha Owens, Regional Vice President
Arbonne International

BOTOX Cosmetic appointments by Rena Mollner at Mollner Dentistry:

STAY CONNECTED! Watch out for the Bridal Hair Countdown to complete your Photo Ready knowledge for healthy hair. Follow along and try my favorite DIY Moisture body masks and tips and tricks to make me struggle in narrowing down your best event photos!

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