Angela & Jack | Elopement at the Clocktower

Angela & Jack searched the country for the perfect venue to host their ceremony.  They fell in love with the Clocktower and were married there last month!  They came to Denver from Dallas to elope after reconnecting 35 years after their love story began.

More from Angela:

“The short story is that I was 16, a Junior in high school, and Jack was 19 1/2 (I know that sounds bad, we joke about it to this day) and he was home from college.  We lived in Texarkana, TX.  We both ended up at a keg party.  I approached the keg with my red solo cup and he jokingly asked to see my ID.  He was lead singer of a band called Einstein on the Beach which just played local gigs, but he was a very successful model. He modeled for Guess, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Union Bay, etc.

I thought he hung the moon (still do).

We had about 3-4 months together and sadly, my parents moved the family back to Indiana.  I had to say goodbye to my first love.  Because we had no cell phones or social media, we lost touch.  Over the years I thought about him, wondered how he was, and what he was doing from time to time,  He, unbeknownst to me, actively looked for me over the years, but to no avail.  We both ended up marrying other people and having children.  We also both ended up divorced.  Years before I divorced my husband’s job transferred us to Dallas.

After my divorce I became much more active on social media.  One day I saw Jacks name pop up on an old high school friends news feed.  I couldn’t believe it, he lived in Dallas!! I sent a message to just say hello and 35 years after our sad goodbye in Texarkana, we said “I do”.

When I left Texarkana I saved a GQ magazine he was in and actually kept it 35 years.  He was shocked that I still had it.  It is so cool to finally close the circle.”

For elopements and smaller weddings, we are happy to accommodate by offering an hourly rate, aside from our regular wedding packages.  This includes the high resolution digital images on a flash drive with the unlimited personal usage rights.

They were ecstatic when they received their images:  “I’m so glad we picked you for this occasion, our photos are unbelievable!!!” and “Wow!! Your presentation is off the charts!!! Everything you touch is exquisite…The packaging is just stunning!!”

Here are some of our favorites from their wedding day:

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