meet jewels

Jewels Gray provides award-winning and creative imagery for those looking for a personalized experience with their Denver wedding photographer.

Jewels Gray is a highly acclaimed and accomplished Denver Wedding and portrait photographer.  Her unparalleled passion for capturing life’s most precious moments has established her as a fearless leader in the world of visual storytelling. With almost two decades of experience, Jewels has developed a remarkable portfolio that showcases her eye for detail.  She also boasts an exceptional ability to understand her client’s unique needs, and innovative techniques in capturing unforgettable memories.

Her expertise spans various genres.  From intimate weddings and dreamy engagement sessions to captivating portraits and enchanting lifestyle sessions.  Her distinctive and efficient approach has earned her numerous accolades.  She has been featured in prominent publications and satisfied clients from around the globe.  Striving to create heartfelt connections with her subjects, Jewels deeply values the trust and collaboration needed to tell authentic and compelling stories with beautiful imagery.

“Jewels’s style is a perfect cocktail of pure beauty and vision, but with an edge.”

Jewels is not only a highly sought-after photographer but also an invaluable partner in her commitment to her craft and attention to detail.  Her undeniable artistic flair promise to leave clients with stunning visual legacies that will be treasured for generations to come.  She has served as a mentor and teacher for aspiring photographers and is dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on the Colorado wedding community through her expertise, guidance, and unwavering support for small businesses.

Outside of being a photographer, Jewels is a devoted Mother of two, Dog Mom to Rambo, and passionate traveler (especially when it it’s on a motorcycle)!  She believes that life’s greatest inspiration is found in the connections and experiences we shared with others, and this philosophy radiates through her work.

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