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Look amazing in your Denver wedding photography, and in person!

For my big trip to Vegas this year, I knew we were going to do some photo shoots and I wanted to be ready to rock some parties as well.  I thought it best to try out eyelash extensions.  Of course, all my friends were doing it, so why not?


denver wedding photography for your lashes


I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with them!  They did take a little extra care and maintenance, but I didn’t notice them at all and loved how they made me look glamorous, even just for going to classes.
False lashes are hard for me to put on myself, and after a while they start to bother my sensitive eyes.  It was an incredibly comfortable and relaxing experience, in fact I even fell asleep and had a much needed nap!

I would highly recommend them for Brides or anyone, for any special occasion, especially for people with sensitive eyes.

My set was considered a partial, as they weren’t super full and dense, but they did taper to be longer on the outside edge, and I like that 🙂  The best part is that with a full set you don’t even need to wear mascara!

Lucky for you, Oxana, a licensed Esthetician, is available on Sundays by appointment at Indie Six Salon, or she can even come to your home with her mobile service option.
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