Rebecca & Jimmy’s Denver Engagement Session

Rebecca & Jimmy wanted to do something cool for their Denver engagement session…

I loved the idea of getting to shoot their Denver engagement at night with the city lights!  They were game, so we went for it!

Rebecca had her heart set on the D & F Clock Tower, so I was able to get us in there for a few minutes to take advantage of the unique space for their session.  We event went all the way to the very top by the bell, 23 stories up!

After finishing there, we wandered around, snuggling in back walkways (them together, not with me, ha!), and with different backdrops and textures.  Utilizing some off-camera flash, we had a blast shooting around Downtown Denver!

We love it when we get to do something that’s different than most every other engagement session you see out there.  Most are very airy, using natural light, usually in the mountains, or overly processed where the edits look dark and muddy (to me it looks under-exposed – I don’t get it).  The subjects should be well lit, and when doing night shoots, that usually means off camera flash (or OCF).  We have a whole bag of tricks when it comes to lighting and we use all of them as often as we can!  This makes the images more dramatic and exciting!  There are lots of ways to use OCF incorrectly, but we have found the perfect formula for almost every scenario!

union station denver engagement photography

We can’t wait for their Denver wedding this June at the Four Seasons Hotel Denver!  Enjoy more from their rad urban night-time engagement session!

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