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A few things about me:

  1. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.
  2. My son’s name is Johnny Bones…really!
  3. I looooove spicy food…
  4. My daughter, Presley Rose was named after The King.
  5. I’m a California girl, through and through but I love Colorado!
  6. I have 5 brothers and am the oldest of  6.
  7. I love to collect oddities and get lost in antique shops
  8. Juicy Pear is my favorite flavor of Jelly Belly
  9. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and love wedding hair & makeup!
  10. Of all professional sports, basketball is my favorite – Go Nuggets!
  11. My mid-life crisis is a Harley Davidson named “Kitten”…
  12. I love planning parties and events for my friends and family
  13. Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do…
  14. For 8 years, I worked in concert production and even toured with a metal band!
  15. Even though I’m the “artistic type”, when it comes to nature and science, I’m a total nerd.
  16. I love all genres of music, but rock & roll is always my favorite.
  17. Nerd Alert:  Batman.  Star Wars.  The Walking Dead.
  18. Being creative and doing creative things isn’t something I “do”…it’s who I am.
  19. My “baby” is a 1951 Chevy pickup named Edward (Eddie for short)
  20. I can’t stand clutter
  21. My “happy place” is a small lake in Northern California, called Whiskeytown
  22. Whiskey is my favorite alcohol
  23. I love calling people by their nicknames
  24. I would love to learn to play guitar so I can sing Eagles songs
  25. I actually swoon at the light that comes through golden aspens and furry grasses…

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Jewels is an award-winning Denver wedding Photographer, published author, and educator.  Her work can be seen in multiple publications such as Shutter Magazine, Visionary, and Rocky Mountain Bride magazines.

Her stylized shoots, engagement sessions, and real weddings are also featured on many wedding industry websites such as Grace Ormond Wedding Style, Rock N Roll Bride, Offbeat Bride, and Couture Colorado, just to name a few…

She is an Entrepreneur in every sense of the word, starting and running her business, helping others get their business going with mentoring, and working freelance as a licensed Hair & Makeup Artist.

Additionally, she has won multiple awards celebrating her skill as a Photographer in many different image competitions, and is recognized as being one of the top creative photographers out there!

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