We met Ian of The Inventing Room, a unique Denver caterer, while shooting an event at the Clock Tower and have been addicted ever since!

“Based on the scene in the 1971 movie, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (where Violet turns violet), The Inventing Room brings an entertainment value to their customers’ food experiences by creating impossible treats right in front of their eyes.  Using ingredients like liquid nitrogen and techniques like compression, they create dishes that dazzle your imagination & taste buds.  This Denver caterer, branded “food & drink entertainment”, Chef Ian Kleinman and his staff produce events that are unforgettably unique!” Website

Lori Midson from Zagat.com says, “It’s been more than a decade since Ian Kleinman, Denver’s answer to a futuristic Willy Wonka, first starting experimenting with liquid nitrogen and introduced the cutting-edge elements of molecular gastronomy into the city’s culinary vernacular. He was cooking at O’s, a now-defunct hotel steakhouse in Westminster, which allowed him to mess around with liquid nitrogen tanks and experiment with foams, gels, evaporating clouds and spheres of grape caviar. In short, Kleinman was carving out a niche that no Denver chef has since matched, carefully mapping out his foray into scientific wizardry and biding his time until the right time.” (zagat.com)

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“The menu is full of all the experimental things that I love to make and eat,” – Chef Ian Kleinman

Not only is the food super good, but it’s things that you have never heard of or could even imagine! We’re constantly blown away by Ian’s recipes, presentation, and entertainment value he and his staff bring to the events we get to photograph. So much that we had our holiday party at his downtown location, and were again amazed at the quality and uniqueness of his menu!

The food incredibly delicious and his flair for pairings leave you always wanting more, and wanting to watch it happen.  Using liquid nitrogen, it’s definitely a spectacle that will amaze you and make you question what can be done in the world of food.  It simply comes down to the fact that you’ve probably never seen anything like it, and doubt you ever will with any other caterer…ever.

And all the while, he makes the mysteries of science accessible and delicious: Did you know liquid nitrogen and outer space are the same temperature? And that ice crystals that are frozen quickly are teensy tiny? And that’s why the Inventing Room’s ice cream is so smooth and silky? “I turn people on to science,” Kleinman says with a smile, turning to plate up yet another treat. (5280.com)

Our favorite “drink” is the frozen margarita with jalapeno bubbles.  I know you’re all dying to know what that tastes like?!  We can tell you that it’s beyond delicious and it’s so cold and spicy, it makes your tongue go numb (in a good way of course), and it’s served with a spoon!

The frozen popcorn is also pretty unbelievable, as when you put it in your mouth you’re able to blow out water vapor “smoke”!  We highly recommend The Inventing Room every chance we get.  You won’t be sorry by hiring them for your event, and your guests will never forget the experience!

Make sure to visit his downtown location for a dessert experience you’ll want to tell every one you know about it…

A sampling of his menu:

Vodka grapefruit slushy with frozen honey

“Muddled” pineapple and rum with exploding coconut cream

Grilled margarita, jalapeno sea salt foam

Spicy pork wanton taco with compressed green apple

Lobster crepe with salt water bubbles and black truffle

Ice Cream liquid nitrogen station with hot fudge ice cream, caramel sea salt ice cream, and coconut sorbet with toppings that include: exploding whip cream, peanut butter pop rocks, toasted marshmallow & graham, chocolate bubbles and banana foster

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Contact The Inventing Room:

Chef Ian Kleinman



2020 Lawrence Street, Denver 80205

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