Denver Engagement Photography | Colleen & Stephen (aka “Bonnie & Clyde”)

October 03, 2013


When we met Colleen & Stephen, we came up with a “Date Night” theme for their Denver Engagement Session at a particular fav spot of mine. Then, when she told me a few days later that they were thinking of wearing costumes like “Old Hollywood” or “Bonnie & Clyde”, my mind exploded! I was inspired by the Bonnie & Clyde idea and told her that’s what we were going to do and at The Oxford Hotel – the PERFECT setting for this style!! We immediately started emailing photos back and forth of costuming, etc., and were getting more and more excited about it by the minute.

Getting the props together was an adventure in itself. The car was the biggest hurdle. I reached out to my “car people” and no one had any leads.  Finally, with 4 days to go, I received a call from a gentleman who was more than willing to help us out and brought down the most beautiful and immaculate 1939 Cadillac you’ve ever seen!! I was relieved and elated.

We had so much fun photographing Colleen and Stephen and are beyond excited to share with you their Bonnie & Clyde themed Denver Engagement Photography. Also included in these images is their Save The Date card design.  They wanted them to look like an old newspaper.  Stephen said he “feels like a badass when he reads them” and that makes me happy ….enjoy!!








Denver-Engagment-Photography-ColleenStephen 2

Denver-Engagment-Photography-ColleenStephen 3

Denver-Engagment-Photography-ColleenStephen 4

Denver-Engagment-Photography-ColleenStephen 1

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By Jewels Gray