Colorado Wedding Photography in “Narnia”

April 09, 2014

Wedding photographer creates “Narnia” in Colorado

It all started with an idea to shoot a fantasy stylized shoot based on weddings, in the theme of Little Red Riding Hood.  Granted, this was 2 years ago and it never came to fruition.  When my mentor and friend, Sal Cincotta, did a shoot like this, there went the idea – I couldn’t very well “copy” that!  My thoughts were confirmed when 4 other Red Riding Hood stylized shoots started popping up in my Pinterest and Facebook feeds.  I still wanted to do something fantasy/fashion-inspired/wedding and that’s when I started “marinating”.

I love unique locations for photo shoots – places that not a lot of people have access to.  This is when I thought of the Ice Castles in Breckenridge and BOOM – “Narnia” was born (in my brain).  Granted, quite a few photographers in the wedding industry have done and DID do shoots there this winter, but I didn’t let that deter my vision.  I knew I wanted to shoot there at night, as they are lit up with LED lights, and that is not something the other photographers were doing.

But it didn’t stop there!  We are now doing 4 shoots in a series, all based off of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”.  The same 2 models for all four shoots, I want them all to stand alone on their own but work together as a series to tell the story.  Since the Ice Castles were only there through mid-March, it HAD to be done ASAP.

Of course, it was freezing and a little breezy that day, but everyone at the Ice Castles in Breckenridge were super friendly and helpful, and we made it work between warm up breaks in the bathroom.

Though technically the second in the series, I want to share a few of my favorites with you and I hope you enjoy them and that they are not like anything you’ve seen before.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other 3 in the series, “Estate”, “The Battle”, and “Enchanted”.

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THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this shoot a reality – you all are an honor to work with!!

Models:  Chandler Christine & Caleb Gardner

Dress:  “Allure” from d’Anelli Bridal

Formal Wear:  Jos A. Bank, Belmar

Lampost:  Tablescapes by Design

Hair & Crown:  Peggy Cox of Oddmodities and Indie Six salon

Makeup, styling, and Colorado wedding photography by -yours truly- {Jewels}