colorado wedding photographer

A few things about me:

  1. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.
  2. My son’s name is Johnny Bones…really!
  3. I looooove spicy food…
  4. My daughter, Presley Rose was named after The King.
  5. I’m a California girl, through and through but I love Colorado!
  6. I have 5 brothers and am the oldest of  6.
  7. I love to collect oddities and get lost in antique shops
  8. Juicy Pear is my favorite flavor of Jelly Belly
  9. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and also do body painting and henna tattoos
  10. Of all professional sports, basketball is my favorite – Go Nuggets!
  11. I absolutely love weddings!
  12. The Eclectic Wedding Showcase is created, produced, and presented by me!
  13. Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do…
  14. For 8 years, I worked in concert production and even toured with a metal band!
  15. Even though I’m the “artistic type”, when it comes to nature and science, I’m a total nerd.
  16. I love all genres of music, but rock & roll is always my favorite.
  17. Nerd Alert:  Batman.  Star Wars.  The Walking Dead.
  18. Being creative and doing creative things isn’t something I “do”…it’s who I am.
  19. Since I was a kid my dream ride has always been an early 50’s Chevy pickup – black of course!
  20. I can’t stand clutter
  21. My “happy place” is a small lake in Northern California, called Whiskeytown
  22. Whiskey is my favorite alcohol
  23. I love calling people by their nicknames
  24. I would love to learn to play guitar so I can sing Eagles songs
  25. I am inspired by many things, starting with nature, fashion, empathy & emotion, and light…

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